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Yamaha RT3 360 - £3499.99


Yamaha - RT3 360

1973 Yamaha RT3 360 Unregistered US Import Barn Find Classic Restoration Project Without US Title

Matchin Frame and Engine : RT1134725

Stock Number: 97129

This well-respected and much sought after 1973 Yamaha RT3 360 has recently been imported from North America where it has spent all its life – the air is thin and the climate is far kinder to motorcycles than ours.

As you can see this bike has a few parts missing – RH mirror and battery being the most obvious. We also noted that; there is a dent in the front mudguard, the pillion seat cover is torn, there are a couple of dents in the tank and the throttle doesn't work.

 The wheels are straight with nice clean rims.

Working brakes.

Forks and yokes are straight but pitted.

Instruments look ok and switches move freely.

 The fuel tank has some surface inside but is solid.

The seat base is solid but has some surface rust.

The mudguards are straight and solid as is the exhaust.

The engine is cosmetically clean. BUT BEST OF ALL when we hooked it up to a boost battery and fed fresh fuel through the carb we had it firing/running.

Stock: 97129
Year: 1973
Model: RT3 360
Colour: Copper
Engine Size 352
Mileage: 6068