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Kawasaki KZ650D SR650 - £2199.99


Kawasaki - KZ650D SR650

1978 Kawasaki KZ650D SR Unregistered US Import Classic Running Restoration Project Without US Title

VIN: KZ650D004481

Engine: KZ650DE04493

Stock Number: 96856

This well-respected, and very much sought-after Tax & MOT exempt 1978 Kawasaki KZ650D SR650 has recently been imported from North America where it has spent all its life – the climate is far kinder to motorcycles than ours.

As you can see this bike has a few parts missing – Side stand, battery & standard airbox being the most obvious. It has stood a while, so the paintwork is faded.

The wheels look straight with nice clean alloy, good discs, calipers & working master cylinders.

Forks & yokes look straight with minor pitting in the chrome.

Mudguards are both solid.

Taillight assy is good as are the headlight & hangers.

Instruments & switches look good.

Carburettors are free sliding off the twist grip.

Paintwork is slightly faded but solid, fuel tank is squeaky-clean inside and has just minor dents/marks & scratches in the original paint.

Exhausts are solid.

Seat is in very good condition throughout.

Indicators are tidy.

Chain guard is solid.

The engine is cosmetically clean, it turns over nicely off the kick starter – sounds/feels great & has compression BUT BEST OF ALL when we hooked it up to a good battery & fed it fresh fuel, gave it a few prods it fires, starts, runs & revs but it is obvious the carbs need attention.

Stock: 96856
Year: 1978
Model: KZ650D SR650
Colour: Red
Engine Size 652
Mileage: 27158